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Tim Melesi

Eastern Africa
  • A director of one of Africa’s oldest safari companies
  • Offers diverse experiences for intrepid travelers
  • Supporter of the ‘Alternative Rite of Passage’ for Maasai girls

Tim has traveled extensively throughout Africa and has embarked on a plethora of diverse safaris; walking with camels through wild and uninhabited northern areas, fishing on remote waters such as Lake Turkana, and tracking the gorillas and chimpanzees in Rwanda and Tanzania. Synonymous with the word ‘safari’ for decades, East Africa is a true land of contrasts with vast grassy savannas, snow-capped mountain peaks, white sandy beaches, and the Great Rift Valley all welcoming her visitors and waiting to be explored.

Tim was born in Mombasa on Kenya’s Swahili coast. After boarding school in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania and in Kenya, he completed his education in the United Kingdom. He returned to Kenya as soon as he could, for his early years spent exploring the bush whilst living in wild areas resulted in a deep love of the natural world of this continent and he could never live anywhere else.

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