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Ugyen Dorji

  • Experienced mountaineering, cycling, and whitewater guide
  • Specializing in multi-day treks along Bhutan’s best highland routes
  • Combining cultural experiences and adventure

Ugyen Dhorji hails from Bhutan, the “Thunder Dragon Kingdom” on the edge of the Tibetan plateau. A true adventurer, he guides his guests on walking, cycling, and rafting tours into this remote country on the edge of the Himalaya. A diverse land of mountains and subtropical plains, of Buddhist monasteries and fortressess, Bhutan is also one of the happiest countries on the planet.

Known to his guests and friends as Yougs, and originally from what may be the most beautiful valley in Bhutan, Paro, Ugyen is based with his family in Thimpu, the capital city. From here he crafts unique journeys into the soul of this mysterious country, a still seldom-visited natural paradise. “The whole of Bhutan is pretty much a national park. With 72% of the land under forest cover, and the Royal Government committing to a minimum of 60% forest cover for all time to come, it makes me feel that I live in a sanctuary.”

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