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Uri Harash

  • Deep knowledge of Italian art and culture
  • Private access to the most exclusive collections and museums
  • Travel & Leisure A-List

Originally hailing from Israel, Uri Harash is shaping the meaning of luxury travel in Italy.  During the past 15 years, Uri has explored every inch of the country. He presents his guests with tailor-made itineraries that are rich with authentic Italian culture.  Whether you are interested in gelato making, truffle hunting, boat tours on the Amalfi Coast, or private viewings of the Last Supper, Uri prides himself on making the impossible possible.

In 2001, Uri moved to Italy with just 100 Euros and the determination to embrace everything the country has to offer. His love and admiration for the Italian culture, nature, art and people, and his desire to share it with friends and fellow travelers led him to found Perfetto Traveler.  Uri’s personal approach to travel in Italy has earned Perfetto Traveler a spot on the Travel & Leisure A-List for four consecutive years.

Learn more about Uri in the 2017 S&S Profile.


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