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Myanmar is opening itself up to the world through recent political reforms, and now is the time to visit. Nee Nee Myint can take you on a voyage of discovery into remote hill tribe communities and ancient monasteries, through tropical forests on the back of an elephant, and by traditional luxury riverboat down the legendary Ayeyarwaddy River. Her specialities lie in the history and the deeply Buddhist culture of Myanmar’s proud people.

Nee Nee has been leading guests through Myanmar for more than 20 years. She has a BA in International Relations and is fluent in Burmese, English and Chinese. Her guests are assured an absolutely authentic Myanmar experience: seeing local life through clearly informed eyes, and gleaning historical and spiritual detail through her famously benevolent heart. It’s no surprise that many of Nee Nee’s guests become lifelong friends of her and her husband, Charlie.

The couple run a busy charity foundation that supports education and environmental projects in several marginalised rural communities. In partnership with a local monk, they’ve provided school fees, stationery and uniforms to hundreds of primary and secondary school students. Two girls have recently applied for university places through Nee Nee’s foundation, which is now being expanded to include higher education – in the hope of creating role models for the younger generation. Today, 10% of the profits from her trips go to her foundation and guests are provided with personal introductions to the host communities – including rural ceremonies and events rarely witnessed by other visitors.

Nee Nee has been practicing traditional Burmese Buddhism since her childhood and at 19 years of age a monastery called. (She would no doubt still be there had her mother not insisted on enrolling her in a university education.) Nee Nee has studied Buddhism both at theoretical and practical levels in various meditation centres, and is an honest and deeply knowledgeable guide to this essential aspect of Myanmar’s daily life. With the right timing, her guests can share in enthralling rites of passage – including the Novice Initiation Ceremony at the magnificent Shinpyinsarkyo Village Monastery, where thousands of young boys and girls begin their lives as monks and nuns. These are true spiritual journeys, where the informed access to these experiences is the real luxury.

Nee Nee has changed the lives of hundreds of people in Myanmar – and more still among the guests she leads. The best time to visit Myanmar with Nee Nee is between October and April, depending upon the particular journey she will craft for you. Please contact us to be introduced to this remarkable lady.

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