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Discover the Banda Islands with Fellow Patti Seery

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As the world’s sole source of the valuable spices, nutmeg and mace, the nine tiny Banda Islands started to attract traders at least 2000 years ago from China, South East Asia and the Middle East. In the 16th century, European explorers discovered entire continents on their quest for these islands.

A Portuguese Expedition was the 1st to arrive on Banda’s shores in 1512, quickly followed by the Dutch and the English, leading to blood shed for control of the precious nutmeg cargo. However, by 1667 the Dutch had established a virtual monopoly on nutmeg and the English had relinquished their claim by trading the tiny island of Run in the Banda Sea in exchange for the equally tiny island of Manhattan in the New World.

Fellow Patti Seery will celebrate the 350 year anniversary of the exchange between the Banda Island, Run, and Manhattan with a special departure. This September through November, join her on a special 120 nautical mile journey to The Original Spice Island of Banda, Indonesia.

Patti Seery’s long association with Banda will provide a unique introduction to the culture, history and natural beauty of the Banda Islands, the world’s original home of the stately nutmeg tree. Get a true insider’s view, visit private colonial mansions and savor remnants of Banda’s once glorious past and the idyllic charms of these now nearly forgotten islands.

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