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Exclusive summer 2018/2019 offer on board the Aqua Mekong

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Fellow Francesco Galli Zugaro is offering Shackleton & Selous Travelers an exclusive promotion of 30% off all-inclusive cruise rates for summer 2018 and 2019 on board the Aqua Mekong.

The promotion is valid for Aqua Mekong departures between:
May 1st to July 27th, 2018 (Inclusive)
May 3rd to July 30th, 2019 (Inclusive)

Why visit the Mekong in the Summer Season? 
The month of May on the Mekong officially kicks off the planting season (known as Royal Plowing Day) on the 24th in Cambodia and Vietnam. Royal Plowing Day marks the beginning of rice-growing season in Southeast Asia. This time of year, on the Mekong is known as the “green season” in Southeast Asia with 30-minute gentle rains each day that nourish lush green landscapes. While on the Aqua Mekong, our guests wake up every day to verdant riverbank views and landscapes rich with tropical greenery drifting past their suites’ floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

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