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Into the Wild – Jungle Lodges of India

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Dedicated and inspired by the wilderness and nature, by the birds and animals that roam, by the alarm calls, by the gentle sound of the cricket, by the simple folk that live there, Shackleton and Selous Fellow – Mandip Singh Soin – has selected five experiential safari areas and lodges that unfolds the magnificence of the Indian forest.  It reminds us why we need to be there and preserve it forever.

Lodge near Kabini River, Karnataka (South India) -Their philosophy is called ‘Spirit of the Land’ as it embraces the heart of the Nilgiri biosphere.  Bordered by the Kabini River on both sides, the lodge is part of the tapestry of the tribal community.  The Kabini River offers boat safaris for wildlife sightings as well as village visits to interact with the Karuba tribes.  A reading lounge and an Ayurveda spa offer respite after the excitement of the woods, only to be distracted by the aroma of a delicious fare of local dishes.  Bangalore airport is 230 Kms away.


Lodge in Corbett National Park (North India) – Committed to responsible tourism, with the involvement of the local community, The Jungle Retreat aims to minimize disturbance to its surroundings while providing guests an exciting, educative and uplifting experience.  It offers accommodation styles recalling the area’s history, which are designed with a focus on aesthetics and comfort – these include jungle cottages and lodges that borrow from their architectural past – old forest bungalows and rest houses of the Raj era.  The cuisine also reflects the cultural history of the Kumaon and Awadh.  Experiences include game drives and nature walks.  Pantnagar airport is 50 Kms away.


Lodge in Satpura National Park (Central India) – Arriving at the lodge sets the tone for your visit.  You drive through enchanting beauty that pulls you deep into the forest.  Accompanied by an active silence or a bird call, you alight at a welcome pavilion to be warmly greeted by the Lodge team.  The narrow paths wind up and down to take you to a charmingly designed lodge that stands in the middle of an untouched jungle.  The lodge also offers fares that are family recipes.  Game drives, nature walks, boat safaris and canoeing keep you busy as you savour nature at its best.  Bhopal airport is 150 Kms away.


Lodge in Ranthambore National Park (West India) – The lodge’s luxury tents matched with their post-colonial leather bound libraries is a haven for the gentleman explorer.  It captures a character and a persona that fictitiously leads you on a journey through a different, cigar-smoking, gin-drinking, breeches-wearing, shooting-partridges time – all this with a contemporary, luxurious consciousness of subtlety and a care for the environment.  A part of Relais & Châteaux, a family of hoteliers and Grand Chefs from all over the world who share a passion for and a personal commitment to ensure their guests have moments of exceptional harmony.  A visit to Dastkar women’s empowerment centre and a trek to the Ganesh Temple in the Ranthambore fort are other activities to keep you engaged.  Jaipur airport is 150 Kms away.


Lodge in Kanha National Park (Central India) – The lodge’s Gaudi-esque tents set you up for the eclectic décor and scrumptious menu.  The Naturalists here can explain the DNA of a tiger hair as well as the process of the creation of an anthill.  They have names for butterflies, tree bark, beetles and bees.  Steeped in high luxury, exploring this lodge is eternally mysterious, as is the lush Sal forest that it inhabits in Central India.  Jabalpur airport is 170 Kms away.


So, come discover Wild India in all its glory!

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