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Explore Zakouma with SNSFellow Rob Janisch

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African Parks’ successful conservation approach across its current 15 parks in 10 countries has been something of a breath of fresh air for Africa’s wild places.  None more so than the incredible renaissance of Zakouma National Park in Chad, under its management since 2010.  Nestled between the Sahara desert to the north and the central African forests below, Zakouma is one of the foremost havens for Central & West African wildlife.  The recently launched Conservation Travel Initiative by African Parks opens the way for visitors wanting not only to experience these amazing wildlife refuges, but also to contribute to their long term success.  Behind-the-scenes, exclusive immersions in remote and beautiful parks reveal the bigger story behind the complexities of conservation in Africa in the 21st Century. As one of African Parks’ official Travel Partners, S&S Fellow Rob Janisch has a backstage pass to some of Africa’s most exciting travel destinations, many which are accessible outside of the regular ’safari season’ (e.g. Zakouma is best experienced between January and April each year).

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