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SNS Fellow Ant Kaschula Wows Vanity Fair

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In front of me, cutting across the trail, marched a column of black ants. “Blow,” said Ant Kaschula, my guide at Gonarezhou National Park in the southeast of Zimbabwe. Intrigued, I put my lips together and blew as if it were my birthday and the insects were candles. They hissed back at me, a defensive mechanism to ward off predators. We watched them hastily re-converge and continue back to the nest, each carrying a bounty of termites in their clutches. “The most I’ve had is 19,” Kaschula continued, as he picked up one insect that looked particularly heavily laden. He shook it above his open palm. Termites sprinkled down; we counted 23. “It’s a record,” he said, his eyes shining.


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