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Ecuador with Macarena Iturralde

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Experience Ecuador with SNS Fellow Macarena Iturralde, and experience the world.

“We just hiked through more than four different ecosystems in fifteen days? Is that even possible? Well, it seems Ecuador is the perfect playground for those adventure lovers who are looking for variety, biodiversity and contrasts. From the humid rain forest, up to the highlands and then down to the cloud forest and pacific coast, this country has given us the possibility to feel the beauty of the World´s climates in one place.  We hiked through single tracks, and secondary roads. As we moved along, we found different communities and villages, learning about the people, tasting their food as we enjoyed some of the most astonishing landscapes. The trails are used by locals, who still to date, transport their crops, sheep and cattle from one point to another.  A country and scenery we will never forget.” 

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