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2018 Highlights from our Fellows

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Collaring elephants in Chad in February as part of the ongoing study of the movements into new protected areas & corridors outside of Zakouma National Park. There is a single, previously very traumatized herd of over 550 elephants in Zakouma that has only this past season started to split up & explore further afield as they feel more secure.

Taking a late-December dip in the Devil’s Pool above the 300ft Victoria Falls to re-energise in the wild waters of the Zambezi at the end of another busy but adventurous year…

Returning with my 2 daughters to a now-peaceful Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique in April to share with them a place that has a great feel-good restoration story not to mention a big part of our history together having lived there for many years.

Rob Janish 2018 Highlights



Venturing outside of Zakouma National Park was fascinating.  We were heading for a market beyond the eastern border of the park when we came across a group of Arab Nomads watering their camels, cattle and horses.  This photo captures a boy being forced to wash by his mother and showing the same reluctance seen the World over!

Dallol is as inhospitable as it gets and is a manifestation of relict volcanic heat in the floor of the Ethiopian Rift Valley.  Sulphur fumaroles spit & bubble hot acidic liquid which collects in pools of lurid yellow & green.  Wafting sulphuric acid catches in your throat & makes your eyes water.

This is one of the most unusual wildlife sightings of my career – a Brown Hyena den.  Two almost fully grown cubs hid in their sandy burrow during daylight but would venture out of their foul-smelling home every evening.  They are quite unlike other hyenas to look at being much hairier and almost bear-like with striped brown and golden coats.

James Robertson 2018 Highlights



The waitress on the grasslands with tables. We managed to operate with 15 guest’s although our trips are designed for max 6. To offer the best service.

One of our guests approaching the remote air strip on mountain bike, for airlift to the next destination.  This type of transfer is unique in Mongolia as we have only three such Cessnas in the whole country.

Interior of yurt, with myself.  This is from one of our 360-camps.  These are mobile yurt camps which we can bring with us, like a tented safari. But our mobility is better as we are lightweight.




Nemrud mountain top site,  still look stunning at 2100m, above the Eastern Taurus range and Euphrates.

New Sanliurfa Museum displaying one of the shrines from recent excavated Gobeklitepe, that is now known as the oldest temple of the world. 9500BC. Located in SouthEastern Turkey.

Kadirga market in the Black Sea Highlands is held on Fridays on summer months. In the foreground are tracks formed by human and cattle use in hunreds of years.




In Havana, you will feel like you are going back in time as you see the spectacular old American cars on the road and the fascinating old world architecture! -photograph by CIT customer, Art Weiss.

Climbing the stairs at La Guardia. Cuba is the fastest-growing spot for solo female travelers. We are the best in Cuba Tours for Solo / Single Travellers!

Ah, Papa!   “I love this country and I feel like home,” he wrote. “And wherever a man feels like home, apart from the place he was born in, that’s the place he was destined to be.” Cuba, he believed, nurtured his craft: “I always had good luck while writing in Cuba.” – Ernest Hemingway




It doesn’t get much more adventurous than trundling (at times almost waist deep) up the Lango River to Lango Bai in Odzala-Kokoua National Park in north east Republic of Congo. I notched ten new mammal species and forty new bird species in seven days in early April…

Getting the dress down from an elephant bull in Gonarezhou National Park, south eastern Zimbabwe. Spending time on foot with elephants is one of my greatest enjoyments and thanks to the work of the Gonarezhou Conservation Trust this is one of the best places in Africa to do this.

Heli view over the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique. There are few marine areas left in Africa as pristine is this and African Parks have recently taken over the management of Bazaruto. The purpose of our visit in October was to try and find some dugongs which we were very fortunate to have succeeded with!



On the Tea Horse Route along the border of Yunnan and Tibet, Longitude 80 travellers stop to have a look at the first bend on the Jinsha River, the upper level of the Yangtze River.

Family and relatives pray in a Balinese temple for an upcoming event. Indonesia is the most populous muslim country in the world with 276 million people and regroups over 17,000 islands. Bali has however retained it’s own cultural and religious entity that makes it incredibly unique.

On our way to Wellington, a clear summer day brings in the turquoise waters of Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook in the distance, the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3724m.-photograph provides by CIT customer, Karan Cowden



One of my trips was at the far northern edge of North America where the tundra melts into the Arctic Ocean. We call this trip Beluga Adventure and I took 2 longstanding clients canoeing in the wildlife rich Kasegeluk Lagoon for a week last July. The islands are thick with nesting birds and the sky is endless. Needless to say, there is nobody else out there.

In Spring I hiked along the Pacific Coast during the peak migration and had thousands of geese land in our camp one evening. Hiking between the massive glaciers and the ancient rainforests was a treat.

In the Autumn I guided a writer and photographer from National Geographic on a story about ecological changes in the Arctic due to climate change. We hiked and packrafted through Gates of the Arctic National Park with ecologist Ken Tape . Crisp nights and glorious days made for an exceptional trip.


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