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Dennis Rogers

Alaska's Inside Passage
  • Owner and captain of the Northern Song
  • Vast knowledge of the water, coast, wildlife, and heritage of Alaska’s Inside Passage
  • Host to tourists and scientists, film-makers and fishermen

Is it watching a thundering calving event from a glacier of unimaginable magnitude?

Is it being surrounded by many dozens of foraging humpback whales while observing from the lower decks of the Northern Song, its tenders, or even a sea kayak?

Is it hiking along a bear trail up a stream filled with salmon and partially eaten salmon carcasses?

Or is it simply the amazement at the sheer vastness and beauty of the islands, fjords and bays of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage?

When asked about what surprises his guests the most, Dennis Rogers gives a seemingly endless answer. As captain of the Northern Song, plying the waters and coastline of southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage, he has had plenty of time to craft his list, and he adds to it every year. Dennis says that “being afforded the opportunity to visit and experience the adventure of one of North America’s most remote and spectacular regions in the comfort of the Northern Song is an adventure in itself like no other.” 

The wildlife viewing is exceptional, with bears and whales and birds featuring prominently. Alaskan seafood and salmon are certainly on the menu, and a visit to the native village of Kake gives insights into the mystical subsistence lifestyle of some of Alaska’s native people. This is the domain of the Tlingit tribe, and Dennis helped conduct the first “Heritage Expeditions” in Alaska, to record ancient rock art. A former commercial fisherman, Dennis has decades of experience and wisdom here, and can’t imagine doing anything else (except maybe a bit more surfing in Costa Rica during the winter!).

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