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Drew Kluska

  • Handcrafted journeys to the four corners of Australia
  • Unmatched portfolio of local hosts and guides
  • Rare ‘Outback’ Aboriginal experiences

Drew Kluska has made his living bringing dreams to life. Ever since he returned to Australia in 1997, after running one of Kenya’s finest lodges, Drew has been on a mission to reproduce Africa’s sumptuous safaris in this land of endless horizons and boundless cultural riches. The result is an unprecedented portfolio of “handcrafted journeys” taking in parts of Australia that most of its citizens never see: rivers teeming with barramundi on million-acre cattle ranches; bewitching 40,000-year-old cave paintings in Arnhemland and the Kimberleys; the otherworldly 650-million-year-old coral fortress of the Flinders Ranges.

Today, Drew runs what many travel writers and industry professionals consider the finest bespoke travel company in Australia. His portfolio of wild and evocative destinations is matched by the company
 of some of the continent’s greatest storytellers and guides – from winemakers and wildlife experts, to artists, athletes, rugged ranchers, and passionate Aboriginal elders. These are five-star experiences that are simply not available to other operators: capturing “problem crocodiles” with fearless station owners; joining practice sessions with A-League soccer
teams; walking the sacred songlines with charismatic indigenous leaders; riding horses through ancient gum forests alive with emus and kangaroos.

Read more about Drew in the 2017 S&S Profile.

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