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James Robertson

Eastern Africa
  • Influential regional leader of African safari industry
  • Advisor to Maasai and Samburu communities
  • Pioneer of multi-country luxury mobile safaris

Like the safari industry itself, James Robertson was born and raised in Kenya, where his appetite for adventure has earned him a reputation as one of the modern pioneers of the global safari business. Thirty five years after leading his first expedition, James is chairman of the board at Africa’s oldest existing safari company, and an influential leader of the new movement in community-led conservation.

James’ reputation for never following the same itinerary twice, and for continually searching out 
new experiences for his clients, has won him admirers across the industry, as well as an army of repeat guests (including two families who have each travelled 
with him 26 times!).

Among his long-standing Kenyan crew, he’s known as “Ndorobo” after the fabled hunter-gatherers of northern Kenya – a tribe renowned for their resourceful bushcraft and their complete absence of fear for wild animals.

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