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Jean-Michel Jefferson

New Zealand
  • Award-winning designer of tailored New Zealand journeys
  • Unprecedented local knowledge and connections
  • Close ties with Maori chiefs and communities

In “100% pure” New Zealand, travel experiences don’t come much more natural or wholesome than those designed by Jean-Michel Jefferson. This multi-award-winning connoisseur is renowned for tailoring itineraries that are both personal and unique
– blending the country’s breathtaking scenery and myth-laden culture with a growing group of “remarkable Kiwis,” who lend their own stories and inspiration to Jean-Michel’s journeys.

As a former Price Waterhouse management consultant, Jean-Michel keeps his finger firmly on 
the pulses of New Zealand’s corporate, leisure, and sporting scenes. For his guests, this means access
 to an incredible selection of national and cultural heroes, as well as personal hosting by a singularly impressive group of guides: including the first woman to summit Mount Everest without oxygen, one of the country’s most knowledgeable Maori chiefs, and
 one of its preeminent winemakers.

Read more about Jean-Michel in the 2017 S&S Profile.

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