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Mandip Singh Soin

India and Sri Lanka
  • Mountaineer, naturalist, explorer, and expedition leader
  • Awarded the 2015 Citation of Merit of The Explorers Club
  • Numerous accolades from the government of India and tourism societies

Many years ago, somewhere in the wilds of India, two roads diverged … and Mandip took the road less traveled. He walked away from a secure career path in the Indian Civil Service and charted a course for his life that would take him to distant and untrodden lands, and fill his soul and fulfill his aspirations. Today, Mandip is honored to be the first Indian to be awarded the ‘Citation of Merit’ by the Explorers Club in the United States. He is also the recipient of the highest civilian honour of adventure in India, with the ‘Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award for Lifetime Achievement’ conferred on him by the president.

Always the adventurer and naturalist, Mandip takes both joy and great pride in sharing his country’s natural and cultural heritage with guests from around the globe.

Whether tracking tigers, hiking the Himalaya, or experiencing Indian cuisine, there will undoubtedly be small, unexpected pleasures to be found along the way as you explore the diverse sensations of his homeland.

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