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Michael Wald

Arctic Alaska
  • Highly experienced leader of journeys across Alaska
  • Deep knowledge of wildlife, environment, indigenous cultures
  • State-of-the-art equipment for remote canoeing & rafting expeditions

In the vast, primordial wilderness of northern Alaska, you need a very special guide: a tough pioneer who knows how to blaze new trails; a skilled survivalist; a fearless leader who can cope with anything nature throws at him. Michael Wald can claim all these qualities, and more. After 15 years guiding in the Arctic and 20 exploring northern Alaska by foot and canoe, Michael knows many of these remote reaches better than all but the hardiest Inuit hunters.

From his base in Fairbanks, Michael has pioneered trips to some of Alaska’s wildest corners, including canoeing and rafting in the rugged Brooks Range, tracking bears and walruses on the coast, and exploring the volcanoes of the Aleutian Islands. Although June-September is the summer season, Michael’s top-flight gear and cosy wood-heated tents enable guests to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness as early as April, when the great caribou herds start their epic migrations north, accompanied by predatory bears and soaring golden eagles.

Read more about Michael in the 2017 S&S Profile.

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