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Nigel Perks

New Zealand, Tanzania
  • Preeminent international safari leader
  • Guide of choice for major wildlife filmmakers
  • Close ties with eminent scientists in the field

After a childhood “obsessed with African wildlife,” it was only natural that Nigel Perks should pursue a degree in zoology, and then head straight for Africa. Two years on, 
the New Zealander arrived in the vast, animal-ruled wilderness of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park – where, he says, “it struck me, that very first day, that this was the place I would live and work.”

Nearly three decades later, Nigel remains true to that early instinct. While he also runs trips across Africa, New Zealand, and Antarctica – where he has developed another visceral affection – the place he keeps coming back to is Tanzania. After 300 Tanzanian safaris, Nigel says he is still discovering new destinations and wilderness experiences in this country said to be one of the most diverse and wild on the African continent.

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