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Aydin Kudu & Ruya Koksal



  • Renowned guide, historian and cultural champion
  • Advisor to archaeologists, writers and film crews
  • Award-winning filmmaker and photographer


  • Internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker
  • Advocate for Anatolian culture and women’s rights
  • Expert on ancient Turkish history and Sufism

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In one of the birthplaces of human civilization, it takes particularly cultured and passionate guides to show you the ancient wonders of modern-day Turkey.  As renowned filmmakers, cultural champions, historians and guides, the husband and wife partners – Aydin Kudu and Ruya Koksal – carry a wealth of knowledge about their homeland, Turkey. From the ancient subterranean chapels of Cappadocia to the flower-filled high pastures of the Pontic Mountains; from the labyrinths of Istanbul’s great bazaars to luxurious gulet cruises along the Aegean and Turquoise Coasts – Aydin and Ruya have mastered some of Europe’s most time-honored travel traditions.

With his 50 years of experience in Turkey, Aydin he is regarded as one of the most seasoned guides and cultural exponents, and as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, one of its most accomplished storytellers. As a knowledgeable historian and a champion of Anatolian culture, Aydin has served as an advisor to numerous archaeologists, journalists, and film crews on assignment in Turkey. But his true passion – one he is drawn back to time and again – is leading small parties of discerning travelers keen to discover the cultural riches of his homeland.

A professional guide since 1993, Ruya is renowned for her ability to elucidate the complex history and “inner meaning” of Turkey’s ancient sites: from the early Christian churches to the cities of the Roman Empire, and the great mosques of modern Islam – the dominant faith in today’s Turkey. Ruya has also become one of Turkey’s most critically acclaimed documentary filmmakers and cultural ambassadors. Along the way, her growing bond of trust with some of Anatolia’s oldest communities has enabled her
to design uniquely interpretive safaris along the ‘Crossroads’ of Europe and Asia – earning a reputation as one of the region’s most sensitive, erudite and worldly guides.  Ruya is also celebrated for her authentic cooking and is known to invite guests to a family and friend dinner.

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